Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Starting Veggies from Seed

I sit here perusing the seed catalogs awaiting the date when I can start my seeds inhouse. I will set up a good grow light system and tracking for successive plantings. Last year I was fortunate enough to have my seeds all grow into strong plants...what a treat..all I needed was two flourecscent light bulbs, who knew! But alas, I didn't have a sense of organization to the planning dates and what I really wanted. I went by the silly idea I have all these seeds I must plant them all. Of course then I couldn't keep up, etc.

So as the snow falls today I will take a few hours to myself and map out my plans. The spacing, the seed input dates and be ready to move forward in a few weeks. Living in Zone 6 (Boston) it is hard to start indoors any earlier though I may; just because I'm like a kid at Christmas ~ I can't wait to plant!

I truly want to grow organically but I must say I have always used miracle grow so this is a big step for me. If I stop the miracle grow I may not get the results I am used to. Though I will be moving more toward my goal of 'living green' resulting in healthier foods. So I shall make it a point to learn about natural feeding, fertilization. I'd say there is more than enough for my to learn for three weeks until the official zone 6 seed date... we'll see if I can hold off.

Happy Day