Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gardening Season Again

So very excited to be in the midst of sowing seeds again. This is clearly my favorite time of year. I'm starting a little later than usual with my seeds but there is still plenty of time.  I like to purchase everything in mid February, that's when Ocean State brings in all their Burpee and Organic seeds and sells them at 40% off. Can't go wrong. They also have the necessary greenhouses, seeds starters, etc.

Last year I had unbelievable success with sowing seeds indoors. So always wanting to be challenged I am doing it again but adding flowers this year. Along with my vegetables & herbs.  I'm hoping for dozens and dozens of plants to give to friends in late May (zone 6 - Boston) )for their gardens.

So far I have an HERB GARDEN: Basil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley and Dill
PERENNIAL GARDEN (all new to me, many are bi-ennials): Lupine, Foxglove, Shasta Daisy, Alyssum Gold Basket, Columbine and Hollyhock. And today I planted a couple hundred
ANNUALS: Marigolds, Moonflower (vining plant that with gorgeous 6" blooms opening each night from dusk to dawn and has a fragrant lemony aroma, so says the poackage. Also Four O'Clocks, they look like Petunias but they bloom only from 4pm til noon the next day. How cool is that. : )

I'm researching whish is best to start next, tomatoes, yes I do have great success with them each year. But I'd like to have a prolific cucumber crop. As well as lettuces all summer. I am going to trellis the cucmbers over the lettuces so they will protoect the delicate leaves for daily salad cuttings.

So much to do so much to write. Will post plenty of photos and I'd love your feedback. Many photos are already posted on my facebook page open to everyone CATHY COLLINS on facebook

Wrtite more soon