Friday, March 13, 2009

Gardening and Cooking

At Footbridge Cove we have many interests that go beyond collectibles and antiquities...

Our typepad blog focuses on the shop and this blog will be more personal a way to share some ideas common interests and stories with others who may interested. The whole world ' blogs ' now it seems. I haven't written much, well at all, since October 2007 (more on that later). But Spring time in New England has a way of rejuvinating the soul. I am so excited at this point in my life (I've decided 44 is the age to be from here on) to live each day to it's fullest, savor each taste of a home cooked meal shared with those I love.

And I love love love to write so I thought ....well, the rest of the world is blogging, I shall too. I would love to get a blog group together. Not sure of how all this works but I am willing to learn as I go. I want to share ideas regarding gardening in my area - zone 6 - just south of Boston. I'd also like to share recipes and news ideas for healthy meals. So I shall do that here too. I may be writing a journal to myself if no one finds this blog, but that's therapeutic I guess.

I love Home efforts this year will be focused on growing a bountiful crop of produce (mainly a KITCHEN GARDEN: Tomatoes, Basil, etc)....for our multi-generational family. I love saying that, it sounds so old fashioned!

I'd love to start a message board here with tips from others in our area. Growing Zone 6.

PLEASE JOIN ME. Living like old the land, as best we can. Cutting back in many ways and finding great joy in doing so. A higher quality of life!

AND I LOVE COOKING... an art form in itself. The colorful dishes, bursts of flavor, the aroma's: nothing like walking thru the door to the smell of fresh baking bread. I hope to get the family involved creating healthy meals that even my toughest critics (three teens and my live in mom-in-law small feat!) My husband, an Irish-American 'meat and potatoes' type of guy is set in his ways, but he's always willing to try new entrees. And my oldest is also one to explore the unknown with new tastes. Great flavors, certainly healthy, but not too crunchy granola if I want to pull this off, meals for all to enjoy. I'm determined to convert them all.... by maximizing flavor and utilizing freshness of ingredients.

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