Sunday, May 17, 2009

Food that tastes better and is better for you...

I'd love to use this blog to share RECIPES, GARDENING TIPS AND STORIES (gardening zone 6)...would really appreciate your feedback and tips too!

I look forward to SHARING RECIPES. Maybe some of you.. have found a way to de-carb (not really a word I guess) your family. I live with multi-generational, carbo-loading, lovers! White bread, white pasta and white pizza dough to be exact. I'm working toward changing that slowly and inconspicuously.

Anything to set us all on a healthier road to a longer life.

First up next time I write; I'll share a scrumptious recipe, I'll try to post photos of completed dishes, nothing fancy just to give you the general idea... today's photos (above) were my first attempt at cinnamon buns made from pizza dough, the best part is not just the simplicity but they taste great and even better... I have since switched over the wheat dough... and the kids still love them! YAHOO! Even grandma does and she is a adamant about not liking wheat anything.

I've determined thru experience wheat pastas and doughs can very easily be assimilated into the diet... but they need a lot more flavor, that is the key! Be it sugar, garlic, cheese, etc. Give it a try, we'd love your comments as well.

I also love to WRITE ESSAYS, used to have more time to do so but I'll never lose the passion. As you see from previous posts I will share them on occasion. Comments & followers always welcome

God Bless and HAPPY SPRING!

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