Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Garden Composting

I found my compost bin that I started way back when my college junior was in third grade! I had followed all the directions way back then before it was forgotten, don't ask. In recent years it has been covered by brush branches which I am currently cutting away. So excited to find it because I had been planning on getting back into it.

My question to any expert out there   @Chris McLaughlin   does compost ever go bad if it has been ignored for years, not turned, etc. It appears to be the 'black gold' everyone wishes/strives for but before I use it I want to be sure it is ok. The cover was off, it is very wet, smells clean, no seedlings or animal droppings. There may be some of that white mold when I get in deeper. Hoping that it's ok. I would let it dry out a bit before using.

(I've removed the top layer in photos)

FRIENDS: please follow/friend Chris McLaughlin's (she's on facebook.) She's a wealth of knowledge with many published books to her name; she just published one on compost! She's a wonderful writer,  grabs your attention, easy to read...  and they are all fact filled.

Hope you have a great day, it's warm, humid and overcast here in Boston ... great day for planting.

Frozen compost piles - just keep adding stuff ... this looks interesting as well.

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