Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coming tomorrow: 100 year old family recipe... (Actual Post Date: DEC 23, 2009)

Grandma Bridgie's Cake, as promised to my new friends at the freshloaf.com !


I usually make this recipe sheet cake style though it can easily be made into loaves or layers. This was 1/2 sheet cake....even for birthdays it NEVER makes it to the table in one piece : ) I wish I could find the photo with the Tiffany's box inside the cake...she was so surprised!

my trusted recipe tester

aha... found the photo, I thought I was so clever:

the birthday girl had no had no idea,
 so it was quite a treat,
& grandma age 81
(Bridgie's daughter)
was with us that day!


~ every present moment, is a future memory ~

recipe to follow tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Did I miss the posting of Grandma Bridges' recipe?

jude 31

Cathy Collins said...

No, my apologiesa, time got away from me. RECIPE POSTED TODAY... December 23rd.