Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grandma Bridgie's Cake Recipe

This was passed down to me on Thanksgiving of 1989. I consider it an honor, because we have in a big family & I (debunking all in-law myths) was chosen to be gifted with this recipe..ok, and truth be told I am the only one who bakes!

It will always be called Grandma Bridgie's or Aunt Mary's Cake and I'd appreciate it if you would carry on that tradition should you add it to your recipe boxes. I've never shared this recipe before.
~ Life may end here on earth but we live on daily in the memories of others ~

Aunt Mary made this for years from memory so it was quite a funny task for her to convert her pinches and splashes to measurements for me, though they work.... so follow as directed.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
One sheet pan or two loaf pans (with loaf pans you have more cake per slice, less frosting). We usually use the baking pan. I have made it as a layer cake but I feel it wasn't meant to made that way.

Small Bowl (then set aside)
2 C Flour
2 Tsp Baking POWDER
1/4 Tsp Salt

Large Bowl
1 Stick of Butter Softened
1 C Sugar
Cream together butter and sugar... THEN ADD 1C milk, 2 eggs and 1 Tsp vanilla.

Add ALL dry ingredients at once, and stir to moisten completely. Do Not Over Mix.

That's it... couldn't be easier. Add to PAM sprayed pan, and bake for 35 minutes.

The crumb on this cake is similar in texture to corn bread (tastes better than it sounds). It can easily be made into a smoother crumb by using hand mixer. The more you mix, the smoother the crumb.

Our entire family likes it the original way ~ BY HAND!

You can use any milk choc or semisweet chocolate frosting recipe you desire. The flavor comes from the cake.

Aunt Mary had begun using a BAKERS Choco-Bake at some point. I did that for years... though I can't find it anymore. Plz let me know if you come across it. It's in a yellow box, six individual packets of unsweetened liquid chocolate.

1 packet of Choco-Bake (it's unsweetened chocolate)
Tbls or more of butter
Tsp Vanilla
up to 1/2 box confectionary sugar
add water, a teaspoon at a time, for desired consistancy.

Cool, Frost, Serve (Freezes well, wax paper on frosting in zip lock freezer bag)

This cake NEVER gets to the table without someone in our house cutting a piece and eating it fresh from the oven. It's now accepted and assumed, all birthday cakes have a piece missing or a side gone!

Enjoy please post feedback here, I'd love to hear from you
Gob Bless & Continue Baking


Sam said...

This looks wonderful.
Definitely trying it over the Christmas weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Choco-Bake is still available, although hard to find. Sometimes, I see it at my local Super Walmart. The Very Best Baking, a Nestle site, also has a store locator for their products.

Anonymous said...

I tried your cake recipe and it tastes delicious, but it didn't rise very much, just to about 1 inch tall. Is this normal for this recipe, or did I do something wrong?

Anonymous said...

i have to comment same like the previous commenter. It was a corn bread like crumb. When you say to mix more, one gets a smoother crumb do mean when mixing the wet and dry ingredients together or when creaming the sugar-butter and adding the milk and eggs?

it didn't rise much and felt like corn bread. I was looking for a box-mix type yellow cake which i absolutely love.