Friday, March 12, 2010

Germination Success, Time for Grow Lights

Planted a tray of mixed lettuce lines (for the first time) we'll see if they transplant well. All began to sprout (germinate) yesterday and I removed plastic had only been 4 days.

Here is a photo of lettuce tray 8 hours after being under grow-lights (my light set up is not yet complete and these haven't been edited):

My other tray of mixed veggies....tomatoes, peppers, basil, etc has begun to sprout today and I just uncovered. The final tray (by tray I mean 72 seed pods or cells) is still sprout but not enough to remove plastic. That has the green beans, melons, corn). Yes I'm being ambitious for my tiny garden but I applied for a plot in our Victory Garden in town...a community garden and I'm hoping to be granted one. If not, well then, I'll be giving LOTS of plants away : ) All is good either way.

I believe my next tray will germinate by Sunday (today is fri)...I will hook up all grow lights tomorrow morning, for now the trays are just sitting uncovered with minimal grow lights.
I'll sow more seeds in another week for succession platning

Oh and did I tell you about the red LOLLO ROSSA lettuce I found when I tilled the soil last week? It was so exciting! The soil is fluffy now and there are small red lettuce leaves just under the surface; they must have germinated on a warm day?

Happy gardening until next time.

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