Sunday, January 3, 2010

Emer's Irish Brown Bread

Emer’s Brown Wholemeal Bread recipe, as promised.

1 Bag (2kg) of Brown Wholemeal (or Whole Wheat) Flour
(2Kg translates to 4.409lbs so use almost 4 1/2 lbs.)

1 Cup of Bran

1 Cup of Wheat Germ

3 Tsp of Salt

6 Tsp of Bread Soda – sieved
(Baking Soda sifted , if possible)

3 Litres of buttermilk
( 3.17 Qts so use about 3 1/4 Qts)

3 Eggs - mixed together

This quantity makes 6 loaves

Mix all ingredients together until moisentened and thoroughly combined and spoon/pour into (PAM sprayed) loaf pans. I cook two pans at a time.
Bake @ 180°C for 50-55 minutes
(356 degrees farenheit) Try 350 degrees for an hour.

Once baked, remove from pan to wire rack, cooled to room temperature. To store, wrap loaf whole and freeze or I've sliced each loaf (to give to family)  2 slices per sandwhich bag... and place whole loaf in freezer gallong size bag to freeze. Then you can toast from freezer OR let rest to room temp when you wish to use it.

Our favorite butter is kerrygold from Ireland, purchase in specialty cheese or gourmet section of supermarket. And in Ireland it seems you are never served the grape jelly we Americans are so used to. But not to worry you won't miss it if you try this...they serve strawberry or orange preserves. It turns this hardy yet plain slice of bread into a dessert with the kerrygold and preserves of your choice.

I haven't made this in a few years, I look forward to trying it again. I'm awaiting a delivery of KAF wholemeal, I'll keep you posted. I've made it in the past with whole wheat flour. Curious as to whether it will taste any different?

This morning I inquired with some Irish Dance folks via message board and knew these mom's would share additional recipes. Sure enough..they have just been sent to me. Let me compare and perhaps post them as well. I'm really trying to find the daily pureed vegetable soup recipe... it is served with this bread.

For anyone interested: I use the following conversion site:

Have a good evening. Please post your thoughts, comparisons and results. Photos to follow when I make this later this week.

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